These entertainers can interact with your guests as they arrive at a drinks reception, mingle around the bar, mix around the dinner tables (between the courses) and ensure everyone is entertained during any transition times through-out the event.

Entertainers such as this require little props to carry with them, and interact with guests in small groups. As well as creating a personal experience, many of this type of entertainer will also leave your guests with something to remember the event with.

This type of entertainment includes:

  • Close up magicians
  • Mind-readers
  • Caricaturists
  • Silhouette cutters
  • Mingling singers and musicians

These entertainers can also work around tables and therefore a great way to keep guests entertained between courses, and ensure that serving and waiting times go unnoticed by the guests.

They can also mingle in around reception areas during any transition periods during the event (such as after dinner has been had, but the evening entertainment is still setting up).